About Leah Graham

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My own continued healing journey, mindfulness practice and creative pursuits contribute to my presence as a therapist. I like to think of myself as an agent of change — a midwife of sorts. It brings me a lot of satisfaction to help others make a positive shift in their lives. It’s actually quite an honor to be involved with people in this way.


Leah Graham is a parent, step-parent, gardener, singer, a lover of art and craft, good cook and much more. She brings over thirty years of experience in personal and organizational development to her work with others as well as clinical skills, compassion, practicality and humor.

Leah holds a masters degree from Naropa University in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Psychology. She is a nationally certified counselor and licensed in the states of West Virginia and Maryland. Leah is also a certified Mediator and the founding director of CALM, Frederick County community mediation program. Prior to private practice, she worked as an outpatient therapist for Brook Lane Health Services counseling adolescents, adults and families with diverse diagnoses. She has worked as a school-based therapist for the Frederick County CASS program and in group practice with the Center for Integrative Healthcare in Frederick. She has consulted with community organizations and trained in community mental health while serving on the Emergency Psychiatric team at Boulder Community Hospital and the Domestic Violence team of the Longmont Community Health Center. Leah has taught Social Psychology and General Psychology as a adjunct professor at Frederick Community College and is a frequent presenter on Transforming Conflict, Anger Management and Positive Parenting. Recently, Leah became a Board Certified Coach trained by the Institute for Life Coaching.


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